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1976 Suzuki GT500A pg.2

Well, disassembly is done.  Nothing like taking a good running bike and turning it into a pile of rubble.  All the parts went into 3 bins, one bin for parts to be rechromed, one for powder coat, and the last for everything else.  Now its time to start going over each part individually, and making them look like new again.  The inside of the gas tank is rusty, so I need to clean and reseal it, then I can send the body parts off to the painter.  

Got all the parts back from the powdercoaters.  They turned out great.  Thanks to Allen at DCF Powdercoating in Greenville, OH, the parts now look better than new.  If you ever need any powdercoat work, give them a call, and be sure to let them know Matt from Williams Vintage Cycle sent you.  Now I just wish I had the hardware replating done, so I could start bolting things back together.  I also got a little work done on some other pieces over the weekend.  I was able to work out a couple small dents from the front fender, but there is still a few light scratches.  I'm hoping the plater will be to fill those in.  Also did a little straightening work on the brake pedal and rear turn signal brackets, so they'll be ready for the chromer.  

Received all my parts back from the chromer.  Talk about shell shock from the price of chrome work, I knew it would be expensive, but #%#^%$$%.  I had held off originally on having the mufflers rechromed due to the cost, but went ahead and left them to be done too, should have them back in about 6 weeks or so.  All the parts look nice, not 100% as nice as I'd hoped (especially for the price), but 95% anyway.  

Finally got the mufflers back from rechroming. I was a bit disappointed.  I am trying to make this bike 100% original, as good as new.  T500 / GT500 mufflers have a couple sentences of wording on them, such as "do not modify this exhaust system", etc etc.  When I dropped them off, I made sure to ask if this wording would stay intact and not be sanded away during the polishing process.  He said I might lose about 40-50% of the deepness in the lettering, but it would still be there. I said that was fine, as long as it was still there and readable.  Well guess what, when I picked them up, all the wording was completely gone, sanded away.  Guess they "forgot" they were supposed to save the wording. I was a bit upset.  The mufflers look nice, but they may as well be reproductions, since they're not the same as new anymore.  The owner didn't seem too concerned. Guess we'll be taking our chroming somewhere else in the future.
I've been collecting more and more parts as I come across them, or as they show up on "fee"bay.  Found some nos signal brackets, fork trim rings, some other misc. rubber pieces, etc.  Also just purchased a large stash of NOS Suzuki spokes, that just happened to include a set of front and rear spoke sets for a GT500.  Those will come in handy when I get to the wheels.  Speaking of wheels, Suzuki still makes brand new wheel rims, so I need to order up a set. I would have prefered to rechrome the originals, but that would have been $300 per rim, where brand new ones are only about $75 a rim.

Also picked up another 76 GT500 from a seller in PA a few weeks ago.  It needs a little TLC, but overall its a decent bike, and it runs (although not great, at the moment).  I'd like to clean it up a bit, and make a rider out of it.  I'm still scouring the world, trying to find a GT500 seat pan in good condition.  Most seem to be rotted away, or cracked like mine.  Nice ones are a rare as hens teeth, and the one I did find on ebay recently went for a small fortune.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll find one.  Worst case, I may have to weld up my cracked pan.

Stay Tuned !!