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1972 Suzuki T500

Found this little gem on ebay.  It was located in Inverness, FL which presented a bit of a problem.  I don't usually like purchasing bikes sight unseen, but the seller had several good pictures, and I spoke with them on the phone.  It only has about 4000 original miles, but the engine is stuck from sitting, which is fairly common for motorcycles that have set more than a few years.  Looked like a good restoration project, so I placed my bid and won the auction.  I found a shipper on Uship that was willing to deliver the bike to me here in Ohio for $220.  Sounded like a bargain to me.  

Bike is here now, looks pretty much like the pictures.  It does has a little more rust and corrosion than I'd hoped for though, and the seller didn't mention there was no key for the bike.  Overall its what I expected, and will make a great starting point for a restoration.  The seller also had a few other misc. NOS parts, so I purchased those too.

Started working on freeing up the motor today.  Pulled the heads, side covers, carbs, and exhausts.  Soaked the cylinders with PB Blaster, and started trying to free up the pistons.  They're stuck good.  Tried working the crank back and forth, smacking the pistons with a block of wood and hammer, and trying to pull the cylinder up off the pistons.  Nothing yet.  They won't budge.  I even tried heating up the cylinder bores a little with a torch, no help.  I'll let them soak a couple days in PB Blaster then try again.  

 Well, the cylinders and pistons are off now.  What a major PITA !!!  Nothing seemed to help, PB Blaster, Kroil, Mouse Milk, air pressure, heat, etc.  Only thing that worked was a BFH.  Heat the cylinder up, then start smacking the crap out of the piston with a hammer.  Each session of several minutes of smacking the piston moved it down another 1/8" or so.  After a full day of hammering away, both cylinders are free.  Both pistons were of course destroyed in the process, and unfortunately, the right cylinder barrel is toast too.  After pushing the pistons down far enough, I slid the pins out, and put the cylinder in my press, to push the piston the rest of the way out.  The right side piston must have cocked sideways just a bit before popping out, and cracked the barrel liner.  I know, I know, I should have taken my time and had more patience, and that probably wouldn't have happended.  Luckily ebay seems to have a good supply of used cylinders.  

Thats it for the 72 for now, back to the GT500 for a while.

Stay Tuned !!