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1967 Honda CL160

 This 1967 Honda CL160 Scrambler popped up on craigslist one day.  It was located nearby in Centerville, OH.  The seller had owned this bike since 1975, but hadn't ridden it regularly in many years.  I love hearing the history of a particular bike.  He told me how he used this bike as his everyday transportation back in the late 70's, and even took his wife on their first date on this motorcycle.  I drove out and looked the bike over and brought it home ( even paid full asking price, seller wouldn't budge an inch, but oh well, I liked the little bike ).  Overall the bike is a little rough, but what would you expect for a 43 year old bike that was once used on a daily basis.  The engine still turns over fine, and seems to have good compression, and the bike's about 90% complete.  It has CB style exhausts on it, and its missing the left side cover, the air filters, tank badges, skidplate, kickstand, and that hard to find Scrambler exhaust.  

After a little research on this model, the true CL160 was only made in 1966 & early 1967 (which this bike is).  In late 1967, Honda had lots of CB160's on dealers floors that weren't moving, so they quit producing true CL160s, and instead started selling CL Scrambler "kits" to the dealers, to convert the CB's into the better selling CL's.  Since the bike we have is an original CL, and not a converted CB, I won't go into all that, but there are a few good websites out there discussing the late 1967, 68, & 69 "converted" Scramblers.  

I've looked the bike over real good, just to get an idea of what we'll need for the restoration.  Other than the missing parts mentioned above, it will need a new seat cover, headlight trim ring is dented and bent, taillight lens is cracked, wiring will need repaired in several places, the rear brake cable needs replacing, headlight is inop, tank is a little rusty inside, toolkit is missing, and most the rubber parts will need replacing due to age.  Overall, not a bad starting point.....if it just had that Scrambler exhaust...oh well, maybe ebay will provide one.

Stay Tuned !!